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Medispa Leave-in Conditioner

What it is

This vegetable based Leave In Conditioner offers a natural shine without silicones or residue buildup. This multi-use conditioning formulation doubles as a style retention aid when wet styling and contains a heat protectant when using hot tools. It contains Panthanol (B5), bamboo, mushroom extract and probiotics.


Apply to clean, towel dried hair, fragile ends or damaged areas. Do not rinse out. Style as usual.

Indicated for:

All Hair Types
Sensitive Skin


Moisturizes Dry Hair
Makes Hair Manageable and More Responsive to Styling
Protects Hair from UV and heat damage
Adds Luster to Color-Treated Hair



Research on Ingredients

Trametes Versicolor often called turkey tail fungus for the colorful fall-like palette of stripes that resemble the of feathers on turkey. The extract, contains the oxidation enzyme laccase, a heat activated enzyme that protects the cuticle of the hair shaft from heat and UV induced damage. It also helps hold the hair’s texture in a given shape, making it effective when styling hair. It also has a high vitamin D content, and has been shown to soothe eczema and acne.

Hydrolyzed keratin increases the diameter of hair fibers, giving a fuller appearance to fine and thin hair. It also increases the hair’s ability to retain moisture and reduces frizz and flyways caused by dryness. As a result of its moisturizing properties it improves the elasticity, strengthening damaged or brittle hair making unruly hair more manageable, shiny and healthy.

Bambusa vulgaris or bamboo, is a fast-growing variety of giant grass that grows predominantly in East Asia. It has high silica content, which is an important trace mineral that encourages hair growth, helps to strengthen the hair and restores elasticity and moisture retention. This amazing plant xtract is also filled with antiirritant and anti-oxidant properties that also play a role in creating an environment for hair to grow resulting in faster, stronger growth as well as providing the nutrients needed to promote thick, strong hair.


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