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Medispa Cannabis Hair Conditioner

What it is

This luxuriant Conditioner is packed with natural oils including Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil, Omega 3, extracts and 18 amino acids from silk, vitamins and humectants. The look and feel of hair is greatly improved, making combing when wet easy, and leaves hair smooth, silky and healthy. Excellent for all hair types.


After shampooing, apply a small amount to ends, and distribute through scalp and hair. Rinse. This product can be used as an in-shower hydrating lotion. Rinse.



Research on Ingredients

Zinc PCA (pyrrolidonecarboxylic acid) is known to slow down sebaceous activity in excess, without drying the skin. It enhances the appearance and feel of hair, by increasing hair body, suppleness, and sheen, and by improving the texture of hair that has been damaged physically or by chemical processes. More importantly, it has been shown to reduce hair loss, improving health of the skin and scalp.

Hydrolized Pea Protein contains Peptides that have antioxidant, hydrating and smoothing benefits for the skin and hair. While adding volume and moisturizing benefits to the hair, it also has powerful antioxidant properties to protect the hair and scalp, keeping the scalp and hair follicles healthy and nourished.

Coconut oil is an oil made from the inner fibers of coconuts and is one of the 3 oils that have been proven to penetrate the hair shaft and fortify the hair strands. Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E it helps seal in moisture and reduces protein loss in hair, effectively keeping strands moisturized for longer, preventing breakage and split ends.

Indicated for:

All Hair Types
All Skin Types


Reduces tangling of hair
Reduces the chances of color fading in hair
Prevents damage and breakage
Helps in moisture retention
Excelent for problem skin and scalp


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