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Pedi Tissue Mask

What it is

This exfoliating, purifying, and soothing foot tissue mask is impregnated with a serum rich in Lime Caviar extract. This foot care product is designed to help remove dead skin, soften and rejuvenate the feet to help avoid calluses and leave the feet smoother, brighter and refreshed.


Open the sachet and put on the “sock-mask”. Tie the sock with the self-adhesive strap, and place a warming bootie or fabric sock on top. Leave it on for 30-45 minutes. Remove the sockets (do not reuse) and gently massage any excess serum into the skin. Beauty tip : before application, place feet in warm foot-bath for a better penetration of active ingredients.

Indicated for:

All Skin Types


Exfoliating properties
Anti-oxidizing and detoxifying
Moisturizes and hydrates



Research on Ingredients

Lime Pearl™ is a natural exfoliating agent derived from the native Australian caviar lime. Rich in organic acids, this natural alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) is effective for is desquamation-inducing properties, which have been proven useful for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and normalizing uneven skin pigmentation, reducing dead skin and calluses and keeping feet soft.

Bisabolol is an extract of the bark of the Candeia (Vanillosmopsis erythropappa) tree of Brazil. It smooths and soothes the skin. It acts as an anti-irritant, protecting the skin from everyday damage. It also improves the appearance of damaged skin by moisturizing and helping to restore suppleness and helps stimulate and promote the skin’s healing process.

Essential oil of lavender is best known for its calming effect, but it is also an effective antiseptic and antimicrobial. It fights against infection and draws out toxins while lowering stress-related hormones, balancing pH levels and soothing the skin. It can thus help to reduce redness, blotching and ruddiness of the skin, helping to restore skin discolorations.


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