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Dead Sea Peel-off Mask

What it is

This Dead Sea Mask is a unique peel-off facial mask containing Dead Sea Salt and Marine Mud. This mask is used for rebalancing the skin, removing the impurities and exess sebum so the complexion is refreshed and brightened. It also improves skin elasticity as well as tightens and purifies skin. It is very gentle, and is especially suited to oily or sensitive skin types.


30g of powder and 90 g of room temperature water. Pour in water all at once into the powder. Stir quickly and vigorously for one minute to get a homogenuous paste. Apply the paste immediately to the face. The mask should set within 5 minutes following the application. Leave the mask for at least 15 minutes. Remove by peeling off mask in one whole piece.

Indicated for:

All skin types


Invigorates tired skin
Soothes sensitive and acne-prone
Improves skin texture



Research on Ingredients

Alginate, is a polysaccharide that comes from Ascophyllum Nodosum seaweed. This thick gel-like substance helps form building blocks of protein for the skin, supplying high amounts of minerals and vitamins that nourish and hydrate the skin, repairing damage, improves skin elasticity as well as tightens and refreshes skin.

Dead Sea Salt Extract has exfoliating properties that assist in the removal of dead skin often associated with psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Dead Sea water contains 32% salts with relatively high concentration of 21 minerals such as magnesium, calcium, bromide and potassium. The high concentration of these specialized salts and minerals benefit the skin by retaining water and moisture levels in skin while excreting excess sebum and destroying harmful bacteria. Marine mud helps to trap toxins and gently purify the body as well as having exfoliating properties and assists in the removal of dead skin. Marine mud from the Dead sea helps to trap toxins and gently purify the body.

Caprylic Capric Triglycerides are a specialized esterification of Coconut Oil using just the Caprylic and Capric Fatty Acids. It is an excellent emollient and skin-replenishing ingredient that has a very light, silky dry oil feel that is not at all greasy but rather powdery texture on the skin. It has a mix of fatty acids that skin can use to replenish its surface and resist moisture loss.


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