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Beautycol from Bakas Naturals has created a secret technology of which has reached a revolutionary effectivity level”

A word from the Creator “Collagen is collagen, and ingredients are ingredients. But the production process and blending makes the difference. Anyone can copy our ingredients, but they cannot produce it and blend it as we do, because that is our secret.”


I have been using Beautycol for a little over a month now. After about 2 ½ weeks I noticed that my neck was staring to tighten and after a month I noticed my nasal labial folds were staring to soften and tighten as well. I also can see the bags under my eyes going away. I love results I am getting.
Karen Austin – 55 years old

Hello Mrs Krezan,
We got a picture and testimonial from a lady who tried Beautycol since June 2015. Last month she compared two photos took at home of hers. Only thing is, she used it together with w8Balance as a set. So she also burned fat, you can see it. I start taking w8Balance and saw results in 2 weeks. I was scared to have hanging skin after 5 weeks so swallowed Beautycol too. I am happy and now I take daily. I even had no weight gain in December, during all holidays and good food!
Irma van Steense – Rotterdam

I have been taking Beautycol for about 1 month and just returned from 2 weeks in Bahamas, I was in a bathing suit every day and I watched my cellulite getting better and much less noticeable every day.

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