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Far Infrared Treatment

1. What Is Far Infrared Body Treatment?

Far Infrared therapy is a type of Light Therapy that uses the Far Infrared spectrum of light to stimulate healing mechanisms and detoxing process in our bodies. The largest source of Far Infrared rays comes from sun light. This Far Infrared Body panel has a patented Organic Nano-Carbon™ wave body warming system. Designed for use with body treatments,it is free from radioactivity and warms the skin naturally like the sun. Our bodies already radiate far-infrared from 3-50 microns, with most at 9.4 microns. This new technology mimics the energy already found in the body.
This allows the absorption of electromagnetic energy at a frequency such that the photon energy is equal to a quantum excitation energy of the absorbing system. This process is called resonant absorption; it excites the human body producing numerous physical changes within the body that are directly responsible for improved health and wellness.

2. How can Far Infrared help me?

A) This body panel is the best medical grade Far infrared in the industry and is used to enhance the immune system and over all health.
! Promotes blood dilation and circulation
! Relives muscle and joint pains
! Collagen regeneration and face rejuvenation
! Fine line reduction
! Boosts immune system functions
! Visceral fat reduction
! Natural detoxification process via sweating
! Promotes absorption rate and depth level
! Excellent for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome
! Pain reduction
! Cellulite reduction
! Swelling and Inflammation
! Arthritis
! Back, Shoulder, neck and muscular pain

B) Benefits and Why it works

The Far Infrared body panel heats from deep within the body and stimulates your metabolism and blood
circulation. Scientific researches indicate that the deep heat stimulates the cells to remove toxic substances, such as lead and mercury, from the body. Thus, the deep heat can be considered as a very good deep cleaner of the body.
Focused heat has also been used in the treatment of small local pain and relief, but all the benefits offered by the deep heat of Far Infrared were not understood until now. In clinic researches deep heat has been discovered to activate complex neurological, vascular and metabolic mechanisms in order to relieve pain. Deep heat also relieves e.g. rheumatism, rashes and psoriasis, and their treatment has showed good research results worldwide.

C) Treatment Description

You will be lay under the Far infrared panel for 20-60 minutes depending on what you are treating. A mask or product may also be applied.

D) Is Far Infrared safe?

The Far Infrared Body treatment is safe and can be used to enhance any body treatment. The following people should not use: Acute illness, cancer patients, pregnant, pacemaker